Monday, November 13, 2023
5:15 PM - 6:45 PM
AMI Data for Commercial Behavior Change
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Rebecca Postowski

The diverse nature of utility commercial customer segments and their goals make it difficult for utilities to provide insights and recommendations that drive energy savings. Baltimore Gas and Electric’s (BGE) Business Energy Manager (BEM) program seeks to address this challenge by providing a dynamic digital platform that engages all business customers by offering personalized energy-saving analyses and insights generated from AMI data to encourage commercial customers to analyze their usage patterns and feel empowered to take action with low- to no-cost opportunities and behavior load shifting. Join this session to learn how BGE provides a best-in-class user experience that opens a new way to engage more deeply with this critical customer segment while driving energy saving actions at scale. Commercial energy customers account for over two-thirds of a typical utility’s load and revenue, making it a critical segment for utilities to engage. However, historically commercial customers have not been a core focus of digital engagement for utilities. This is starting to change as business customers are increasingly seeking out opportunities to understand their usage trends to identify efficiencies providing a perfect opportunity to engage those customers.