Monday, November 13, 2023
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Serving the Underserved: Insights to Inform Low- to Moderate-Income Customer Engagement
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D3 - Overarching Lessons for Energy Equity
Equity & Empowerment
Cynthia Gage

We stand at a watershed moment in the fight for energy equity. Over the coming year, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) will make billions of dollars available to help low to moderate income (LMI) households make their homes more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient. It’s an enormous opportunity to relieve energy burden, improve health outcomes, create jobs, mitigate household climate impact, and more. But while incentives are bountiful, is that enough? For years, energy efficiency programs have struggled to maximize participation in their income-eligible programs. More robust incentives will help, but a strategic communications plan, grounded in solid consumer insights, will be critical to success. That’s why US EPA’s ENERGY STAR program is undertaking a national research study to better understand the most effective messages and media to reach and mobilize LMI homeowners and renters across the country. The results of this study will provide deeper knowledge to inform behavior change strategies by: • Gauging awareness, attitudes, and behaviors around home energy efficiency. • Understanding prioritization of trusted messengers and channels for communication on energy efficient home improvements. • Identifying attitudes, barriers, and motivators regarding heat pump heating/cooling and heat pump water heating. • Testing benefit statements to understand top motivators for switching to a heat pump heating/cooling or water heater. • Understanding the role of rebates/incentives in building interest in implementing energy efficient home upgrades. Our presentation will share the results of this study, including general themes, differences between regions and English and Spanish speaking participants. If time allows, we may also share insights on differences between LMI and general consumer markets. BECC attendees will leave the session armed with insights specific to the nation or their region that will help inform effective outreach strategies to create receptivity and change behaviors relative to electrification.

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