Monday, November 13, 2023
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Under Control: Customer Experience with Integrated Controls to Manage Heat Pumps
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A3 - Lightning: Accelerating the Home Electrification Journey
Gita Subramony

Momentum to consider heat pumps as a key solution for the decarbonization of the residential sector has grown to fever pitch. By electrifying space heating equipment, customers can avoid oil, propane, or natural gas as a heating fuel and leverage increasing renewable generation to meet home heating needs. However, ensuring heat pump technology can provide thermal comfort in the most severe cold conditions remains a challenge. Many industry experts expect dual fuel, hybrid, and backup systems to be part of the heat pump play. This presentation will focus on the role of integrated controls in enabling residential customers to adopt heat pumps to replace or displace existing fossil fuel heating systems. Integrated controls are designed to prioritize heating system (resistance, furnace, boiler, or heat pump) operation based on outdoor air, weather conditions, and programmed set points, and some industry experts see them as critical to the path of electrification, especially in colder climates. We will share findings from recent research on technology adoption and customer, contractor, and manufacturer perspectives on controls technologies. The session will include topics such as how customers are interacting with integrated controls and heat pump systems, installation challenges, hardware and software usability, and customer experiences with operating their new heating systems via integrated controls. Audience members will takeaway perspectives on opportunities and barriers of new technologies in enabling electrification.

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