Monday, November 13, 2023
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Trends in Behavior-Based Energy Efficiency Programs
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E2 - Seeing Things in a Different Way — New Metrics and Resources
Behavior - based Programs
Maya Saterson

The energy efficiency industry has increasingly recognized the potential of social science knowledge to expand the scope of program possibilities and tap into new energy saving opportunities. In order to help program administrators leverage these opportunities, we have developed a database that collects information about utilities’ behavior-based programs currently underway and how these programs are being evaluated. This is the largest energy efficiency behavior program data collection of its kind. This vast repository of program information holds great promise for providing unique insight into the evolution of behavior-based energy efficiency programs over time and the new directions programs have taken in recent years. We propose a presentation that would highlight the key findings of this 2023 research (to be completed by May 2023), the social science knowledge incorporated into the programs captured, as well as the methods used and resulting limitations. This presentation would help shed light on which behavior-based program approaches might offer the most effective, evaluable, and promising approaches to achieving quantifiable energy efficiency gains.

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