Monday, November 13, 2023
5:15 PM - 6:45 PM
The Neighborhood Effect: Peer Influence & EV Adoption
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Stuart Gardner

“The Neighborhood Effect: Peer Influence & EV Adoption” provides original research demonstrating the contagion (aka neighborhood, or peer) effect of purchasing electric vehicles (EVs). Through a partnership with S&P Global Mobility, Generation180 analyzes five years of U.S. electric vehicle registration data to demonstrate electric vehicle owners as one of the greatest sources of influence on those considering a transition to electric. Our analysis finds that once you begin driving electric, the odds increase your neighbors will too. Generation180 inspires and equips individuals to take clean energy actions. This research highlights the power of individual action and peer influence in the EV space, and likely extends to other clean energy actions as well. Our research finds that individuals can influence peer choices around EV adoption. Beyond data, our study provides stories from everyday EV owners about times they have influenced their friends, family, communities, colleagues to switch to electric. Our study uses interactive maps to track the growth of electric vehicles over time in key geographies across the country. In addition to data provided by S&P Global Mobility, Generation180 is working with Kenneth Gillingham, a Professor of Economics at Yale University’s School of the Environment. His expertise includes peer influence in durable good adoption, to include electric vehicles. His consultation with the study will provide additional academic rigor. As transportation is the number one source of carbon emissions in the United States, accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles is key. According to the US Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center, switching from a gas to an electric vehicle reduces your carbon emissions by over 60% based on a nationwide average. Our study will include recommendations for individuals, legislators, advocates, and manufacturers to play a greater role in decarbonization. This research is particularly timely and relevant given the passing of the recent Inflation Reduction Act. As the Federal Government now offers generous incentives to decarbonize, individuals play an outsized role by taking action in their households and inspiring action in others in their community. We look forward to the opportunity to present The Neighborhood Effect: Peer Influence & EV Adoption at BECC 2023.

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