Monday, November 13, 2023
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Dramatically Reduce Non-revenue Water (NRW), Energy Consumption, and Maintenance Costs
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A2 - Lightning: Improving Community Resilience through Sustainability + Adaptation
Climate Change
Robert Montenegro

Traditional water distribution systems are inherently inefficient as they rely on large pumps and motors running 24 x 7 to maintain high pressures to serve the far reaches of the piping networks, regardless of whether there is demand or not. This results in wasted energy and unnecessary stress on the piping systems causing frequent pipe bursts that results in leakage of valuable treated water (NRW), as well increased maintenance costs. To combat this challenge, Demand Driven Distribution combines pumps, intelligent controls, and system surveillance to form a unique pressure management solution. When installed, the Demand Driven Distribution system operates the pumps and motors at their best efficiency point to manage system pressure to the optimum levels of service, ensuring sufficient and efficient supply to consumers, reducing energy costs by 20-40% while reducing pipe bursts by as much as 35%. This paper and presentation dives into water boosting systems that meet the varying demands of current day water distribution networks, employing simple yet modern solutions to save water, energy, and the piping infrastructure.