Monday, November 13, 2023
5:15 PM - 6:45 PM
Effective Meter-Based Programs for Multiple Customer Types
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Behavior - based Programs
Warren Seto

In 2015, AB802 allowed use of normalized metered data to estimate claimable energy savings in California. Since then, the investor-owned utilities, Community Choice Aggregators, Regional Energy Networks, and third-party implementers funded by the Public Purpose Program surcharges have designed and launched more than thirty emerging meter-based programs throughout the state of California to bring deep energy retrofits to their customers in all sectors and harvest meter-based energy savings and peak demand reduction. Since the adoption of AB802, implementing, capturing, and evaluating behavioral changes to reduce energy usage have been difficult in customized incentive and deemed rebate programs. This presentation highlights the various meter-based programs offered through PG&E that capture behavioral energy conservation measures. PG&E has successfully piloted several whole-building meter-based programs since 2018 and is currently expanding upon the successes of those programs. The programs offered cover a wide range of customer types including residential, commercial, and industrial.These programs can capture deeper energy savings by allowing additional measures that are not available in Deemed and Custom platforms such as behavioral measures and by using existing usage baseline (versus a standard practice baseline) for determining energy savings. The M&V required by the programs drive persistence of energy savings, ensuring that savings are long term.