Wednesday, November 15, 2023
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Leadership & Innovation: Shaping the Future of Energy by Embracing a Culture of Change
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F7 - Panel: Leadership & Innovation: Shaping the Future of Energy by Embracing a Culture of Change
Social Science Insights
Kaylan Meinecke Jennifer Cornell Aman Khippal

As the energy and utilities industry navigates the Clean Energy Transformation, there is burgeoning need for leaders with great interpersonal skills that can create a culture driven by change, communicate a strategic vision, and inspire and motivate others. To make this a reality, it is necessary to develop the soft skills of energy professional teams with the objective of reinforcing a mindset of constant innovation and agility. Participants in this Learning Lab will explore the question of how leaders should best adopt creative ideas – learning how new and useful ideas (creativity) can be translated into innovation. Those participating in the workshop will become more in tune with their own leadership style and be encouraged to consider its effect on group creativity and innovation. Participants will understand how to create and lead high-performing teams and will become familiar with articulating visions that can inspire others to become motivated and adopt creative ideas. This Learning Lab will include both reflective exercises as well as an analysis of a real project. Learning objectives: - Why leadership matters in the innovation process o Innovating in a fast-changing world o Methodology of creative thinking o The role of leadership in innovation - Understanding my leadership skills o Identifying my leadership skills o What do you stand for? o Forces conditioning us and understanding how we have learned - Creating and communicating a shared vision o Elements of a shared vision: Who are we, where do we come from, and where we headed