Wednesday, November 15, 2023
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Clean Energy and Equity Initiative
Session ID
D7 - Community Coalitions for Energy Equity
Equity & Empowerment
Rob Harris

Clean Foundation works at the crossroads of environmental and social issues in Atlantic Canada. We are a charitable NGO that provides a wide range of energy, education, and adaptation programs. We focus on practical approaches to addressing our environmental crisis, advancing the clean economy, and ensuring that everyone has the ability to participate in climate action. Though much of our work involves retrofits to our built environment, proliferating electric vehicles, advancing clean technology and environmental policy, and environmental education – social equity is at the heart of every initiative we offer. Equity is not an activity we engage in, but a lens that informs the way we operate in step with the communities we serve. At Clean, we have cemented our approach to social equity through the creation of a series of Clean Energy and Equity Initiatives. Our series of wage subsidy programs, custom employment and training supports, community based education, and energy advisor training programs grant underserved and underrepresented community members access to meaningful employment in the clean economy. By incorporating barrier relief mechanisms that support our clients through their individual histories of inequal access to employment and education, we are fostering a more inclusive and resilient workforce across Atlantic Canada. All of our Clean Energy and Equity Initiatives are informed by a dedicated network of individuals from the communities we serve. Bringing together voices from local Indigenous and African Nova Scotian communities ensures that the initiatives we design are rooted in the knowledge and passion of those that understand the lived experience of our participants. This talk will speak to Clean Foundation’s experience working with underserved and underrepresented communities as we design and deliver energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. We hope to provide practical solutions so others may consider embedding equity at the heart of their energy projects.

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