Monday, November 13, 2023
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Dispelling Myths to Mainstream New Technology
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A3 - Lightning: Accelerating the Home Electrification Journey
Christopher Bradt

While the majority of the world uses variable capacity heat pumps (VCHP) for all their heating and cooling comfort needs, less than 12% of U.S. homes leverage the most advanced heating technology. Comparatively, more than 60% of Norwegian homes have installed VCHPs in the last 15 years. Even as the technology is considered mature and proven in most countries, there a continued perception in this country that VCHPs are untested, too new, or don’t work. The top myths and truths about heat pumps: - Do not work below 40F. Busted: work well even at -18F. - Use strip heat and will crash the grid. Busted: VCHP do not have strip heat and only benefit to the grid. - Cost too much. Busted: small incremental cost over conventional systems with lifetime savings. - Increase carbon emissions. Busted: even in states with the “dirtiest electricity”, VCHP reduce carbon emissions over gas, oil and propane. We most often hear these myths from: - Oil Dealers and gas utilities – shown to use organized messaging from national fossil fuel organizations. - HVAC contractors who traditionally worked on oil and gas heating systems. - Uneducated broadcast, print and digital media outlets. These myths play to consumer fears about the economy, comfort, personal lifestyle security. This session will examine the origins of these myths and the behavioral phenomenon that keep them in circulation, as well as the modalities to reverse behaviors that are slowing transition to cleaner, lower carbon, less wasteful comfort in homes and businesses: - Generating press and buzz on local installations that document benefits of heat pumps. - Advocacy from trusted sources in government and utilities. - Encouraging companies to consider the business opportunities available from heat pumps. - Encouraging companies outside of conventional HVAC and startups to consider an all heat pump installation company.

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