Wednesday, November 15, 2023
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Embedding Community Leaders into Program Design and Delivery
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D7 - Community Coalitions for Energy Equity
Equity & Empowerment
Shelley Beaulieu

In 2020, TRC, with their energy-efficiency clients, in partnership with community leaders, created a Community Network, which was a new way of engaging the community to deepen relationships, develop new offerings, and new ways to access Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs. The Network is a collective of equity and inclusion experts and small business owners who have worked with individuals and institutions, for-profit, nonprofit, and government entities, to implement justice for those who have traditionally been excluded from opportunities. They have first-hand, lived experiences with racism and the impacts of racism on energy efficiency. They have dedicated their lives to creating a world where people are seen, heard, and validated. The Network focuses on working with the community to co-create and use targeted universalism principles. The community leaders are embedded into the program development efforts, inform outreach strategies and marketing, and participate in outreach events. They facilitate connections between customers and the programs, and the community leaders help create culturally responsive messaging and imagery that resonate with priority communities. Come learn how the Network has led and supported program staff in the following parts of the program: Created and supported Community engagement, specifically with priority communities and small businesses Hosted discussion groups Created Small Business restorative justice healing circles Created a program-specific equity lens and community agreements & protocols Completed a Program Equity Assessment Supported and trained staff on culturally responsive outreach Created an equity foundation for the program team, including understanding why we center race, the importance of intentionality and language use, and program accountability

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